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Travelling is a popular choice of activity for those who have the means and desire to do it. It refers to the movement done by people on foot, airplanes, ships and many other forms of vehicles, between far off geographical locations. Travelling can be dated back to the Greek and Roman times where people would travel for leisure to their summer villas. In those times, travel was dangerous and slower and more confined to trade or migration. Recent developments have made it much easier and faster to travel even halfway across the world. Travelling opens a world of opportunities for exploration. What you see and discover while on your journey is something that cannot be taught but only experienced. You get to step out of your comfort zone to experience life in a different way. You develop a sense of respect and sensitivity to other cultures by experiencing them first hand and may even get to learn a new language and make great friends along the way. 

Not only is travelling a great way to energize your body but it does wonders for your mental health. It helps you relieve the stress that you have accumulated while working and fulfilling the demands of everyday life. You feel calmer and happier doing things for yourself and for your soul. You can help reinvent yourself as it gives you a chance to explore yourself. The things you learn on your trips help broaden your horizon and take into account things that you never did before. You feel a sense of self satisfaction and contentment as you step away from daily routine. You can go to places you want to go and do things you want to do without thinking about any schedules.  As you are faced with the challenges of being in a new environment and people, you learn to do things differently and build up resilience.  

The first and most important thing you have to do before going on any trip is to pack a bag of your belongings. From clothes to shoes, cameras to documents, your luggage is an object that carries apart of you into new and unfamiliar places. The choice is usually between hard luggage sets and soft luggage sets but many options also exist within these:  

  • Wheeled duffels. These are the best option for people who have to carry a lot of items and also for odd shaped items. They come in variety of sizes and have heavy duty wheels that allow you to carry the bag over any type of surface without damaging it. They also have sturdy zippers and clips that allow to you to attach smaller bags to them. 
  • Wheeled luggage is the most typically used luggage. It has a lot of pockets to accommodate all type of things and used by personal as well as business travellers. They come in different sizes with strong handles and zippers and are weatherproof; they can last for decades.  
  • Wheeled backpacks are commonly used for adventure travellers. They have the convenience of a wheeled bag and can be thrown over your back whenever you need. They have special handles for mobile phones and music devices and come in a variety of styles catering to children as well as adults. 
  • Traditional duffel bags don’t include the wheels and the pulling handle which makes it lighter, easier to store and more economical. They are most commonly used by climbers or travellers who are on a budget. 
  • Carry on luggage is designed for the purpose of convenience. They also have strong wheels and multiple pockets to store a variety of things. The main aim with using these is to avoid the hassle of checked baggage. 

Soft luggage sets are made from fabric and come with exterior pockets. The interior is divided into two or more compartments and have an integrated lock. It is a very lightweight option, can fit into tight spaces and take up less space in storage. However, they can rip if they are of low quality and provide little protection to fragile objects. Hard luggage sets have a hard-shell made of lightweight and durable plastic. It allows to to pack both sides equally as it is split from the middle.  They are ideal for storing breakable items and offer more security. Hard luggage sets also stack easily if you have the storage space. So the choice is yours to make. 

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