What is Astigmatism and why a Cataract Surgery for Astigmatism is Important

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Eye related issues can be difficult to deal with as our ability to see makes a significant impact on the quality of our lives. Nowadays, due to exposure to computer screens, eye-sight problems have become a norm. While, most issues can easily be fixed with a couple of eye drops and glasses, the same cannot be said for all of them. Astigmatism is one such eye condition that requires some medical consultation and care to restore your vision back to normal. The most common procedure to treat astigmatism is cataract surgery for astigmatism. But before we dive into what this surgical process is, you might be wondering what astigmatism is to begin with? 

To keep things short and simple, astigmatism is a condition when you have mismatched curves in the cornea of your eye. It generally affects both your near and distance vision, which is one of the reasons that it needs to be treated. The good news is that modern technology has helped us come up with a variety of different treatment methods for eye-related problems. As we previously mentioned, aside from surgery, astigmatism toric IOLs are used to further improve your vision. 

So, let’s further dive into the complications that may be caused due to astigmatism, how to address them and how they can affect your life. 

Importance of Astigmatism Correction 

One of the most common mistakes people make is that they do not focus on small astigmatism correction. In matters involving your eye it is always best to take the safest approach you can. Correcting your astigmatism is essential if you want to make sure that in the long run you’re able to save yourself from severe eye related issues. In the worst case scenario, astigmatism can even cause permanent damage to your eyes if it’s left untreated. In most cases, a cataract surgery for astigmatism is an affordable procedure and does not take much time to heal either.

And even if it is a bit costly for you, at least you can have the assurance of restoring your sight back. After all, once our eyes are damaged, there are not many options out there other than opting for expensive laser surgical procedures. And in most cases, those procedures may not work either. So, either go for astigmatism toric IOLs or a cataract surgery. Regardless of what you choose, addressing it is essential. 

Restoring Quality in Life 

As we mentioned, it’s never a good idea to leave astigmatism untreated. Even if you do, there are many complications which could arise. Apart from that, one of the biggest problems you are going to face is the effects astigmatism is going to have on the quality of your life. As it affects both near and distance vision, you will not only have a hard time doing your day to day household chores, but even driving is going to become a problem for you and even potentially dangerous. 

The good news is that if you address astigmatism in its early stages, it does not cause that much damage and can easily be reverted back to normal. Most of the times, cataract surgery for astigmatism easily fixes the issue as long as you make sure that you go to a professional ophthalmologist. 

Avoiding a Long-term Expense 

Sometimes small problems that can easily be fixed become a major issue mainly because people do not address them. Aside from causing long-term vision related problems another reason you should opt for astigmatism correction as soon as possible is also because of the money you’re going to save. Even astigmatism toric IOL initially can be easy on the pocket but as you prolong things you’re going to realise how expensive all the treatments start to become.

If you do not want to spend thousands of dollars on getting your vision correct again in the future, then it’s necessary that you do not ignore any signs of astigmatism and address it as soon as you can. Because the sooner you take care of it, the more problems you can avoid in the future. So we hope you now understand why it’s important to go for cataract surgery for astigmatism and how it can improve the quality of your life.

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