What is An Angle Load Horse Float and Why Do you Need It?

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If you train, ride or maintain horses then the chances are that you’re wondering what type of horse trailer you should go for. It is unarguably one of the toughest decisions that you need to make. Although you can find a variety of different options in the market, one of the most popular among them all are angle load horse float and straight load.  

But what is the difference between each of them and how can you determine which is the best on for you? That is what we will be discussing throughout this article. And not only that, we’re also going to talk about that whether you should go for 2 or 3 horse angle load float with living. And if you go with the one with living then what are the benefits of it.  

Let’s get started!  

Basics of Angle and Straight Load Float 

The biggest difference between angle and straight load float is that in the straight load, the horses are loaded from the backside of the fence. You might be wondering that this is easier, so why not simply go for it? It isn’t as clear as it seems because the thing about straight load float is that usually it can only be used for at most 2 horses at a time.  

On the other hand, when you have more than 2 horses, then a minimum of 2 angle load horse float is the preferable option. Due to its angled shape, it makes it much easier for you to load and de-load horses. And in most cases, angle load floats are also much more spacious. However, the exact capacity is also going to depend on the size you are opting for. 

3 Horse Angle Load Float with Living 

Nowadays most horse trainers and owners prefer going for the 3 horse angle load float with living. What makes it stand apart from regular angled floats and load floats? Well, the thing about them is that those angle load floats act as a home for the horses. They have wheels and not only can you conveniently transport horses inside them from one place to another, but also, they can become the permanent home of the horses. 

So if you are horse trainer and every now and then you need to take the horses from one place to another then 3 horse angle load float with living can be a more convenient choice. You would not have to constantly worry about loading the horses on to the angled load float. Because as soon as you are done and you have to go to any other place, you are going to send the horses back to the angled load float and move them around anywhere you want to. 

For this reason, if you have multiple horses that you need to look out for on a daily basis, going for the angled load float is the better and more preferable option by most horse owners. 

Straight Load Float 

Now talking a bit about the straight load float, it isn’t that this one isn’t any good. However, in comparison to the 2 angle load horse float, the straight load float lacks the storage capacity. While they are spacious enough in case of an emergency, they can still normally hold only 2 horses at a time. But its loading gate is normally spacious enough that in case you want to de-load the horses urgently, you are able to do so. 

Most of the times a straight load float is used for single larger horses. Perhaps it is designed this way that it can cater to one or two horses at a time and provide them with enough space to move around. On the other hand, it an angled load can hold more horses at a time but it doesn’t have enough space for the horses to move around. 

The Bottom Line 

Deciding which horse load you should go for can without a doubt be a tedious decision to make. However, the 2 angled load horse float and the straight load float are two of the most common options among horse owners. So now that you know about both of those, we hope you will be able to make the right choice. 

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