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There is no doubt about the fact that learning is a lifelong process. There are many skills that we acquire over the period of our lifetimes that may often not be quantifiable or certifiable by any degree, but are nonetheless extremely valuable to us and serve us well throughout our lives. In fact, some of the most important and well serving lessons that we learn aren’t ones that we learn in school or college, but rather, out in the field. While some of these lessons may be more general, many of these can be related to our profession. There are many of us who have been working for years on our professions, and have a vast wealth of knowledge but do not have a certifiable degree to show for it. While this may not seem like a problem if things are going smoothly, there are times especially in today’s world when it is very important for us to have a degree to show our qualifications. This can be when we are looking for promotions, or looking to switch jobs. In today’s competitive world, the reality is that we need to have a degree that can show just how good we are at what we do.  

Achieving self-actualization 

 Of course, this can definitely seem unfair to most, because just because we don’t have a degree to show our qualifications does not mean that we aren’t qualified. In fact, many of us without degrees have been working extremely competently at our jobs for several years and have thus gained very important experiential knowledge that may even at times be more useful than the theoretical knowledge that we gain in schools and colleges. There can be several reasons that one lacks a degree. It may be that we started working early and didn’t get to go to college to gain further specialization in our field. In other cases, it may be that we joined university but had to drop out halfway for whatever reasons, and therefor failed to get our degree. We believe, however, that no matter what your reasons or situation may have been, everyone deserves a chance at self-actualization and at doing the very best that they can.  

Benefits of mechanical engineering degree 

 One of the degrees that can be exceptionally helpful to have under our belt is the certificate iii engineering mechanical trade degree. This is one field that can be exceptionally fulfilling to follow, as it can allow us the opportunity to make the world a better place not just for ourselves, but for others. If we are truly interested, this can be the degree that allows us to challenge ourselves while at the same time never getting frustrated with the lack of direction. With registered prior learning, we get an opportunity to have our previous experience recognized, so that we don’t have to waste precious time studying things that we already know. This can allow us to pursue our careers in the engineering mechanical trade much sooner, instead of wasting our time. 

Not letting our past hold us back 

Another career path that we can pursue with little difficulty with the help of recognized prior learning is certificate iii in light vehicle mechanical technology. If you have been working in this field but do not have any certifications, or if you have an incomplete educational background, RPL can help you get on track to getting a degree to show everyone your experience and expertise, without you having to waste too much time or money studying. In fact, while there may be several reasons for anyone not getting a degree, one of the biggest can be the lack of money to pursue higher education. In opting for RPL, however, we can complete our education in a couple of weeks and walk away with a degree.  

There is no doubt about the fact that getting RPL can really turn out life around. At Skills Certified you can complete your education and walk away with a degree that takes into account the skills that you may have learned on the field. With their help, you never have to feel impaired due to your lack of certifications.  

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