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Going for a wisdom tooth removal or getting your teeth a cleaning session going to a dentist is not always a pleasant feeling, especially if the check-ups are regular. In today’s day and age our diets have become extremely poor and sugary that almost 90% of youth is getting tooth decay. Not only youth but older people faces more issues in eating and drinking because of cavities and bacterial infections. If your teeth are severely damage and you need a perfect smile without having to bear the trouble of getting fillings every few months after the old ones falls out then dental crowns are the solution for you. They can promise to give you back your lost confidence and bright smile due to teeth damage. Dental crowns or veneers not only create a magic of fixing the damaged teeth and enhancing your smile but it can actually do more, your old tooth can be repaired completely with help of dental cap and get saved from being completely removed. Let’s pen down some of the most amazing benefits of getting dental crowning procedures and why not only patients but dentists prefer them as well. 

Protect a severely impaired tooth 

Sometimes due to extreme stress and trauma the outer tooth gets weak and painful, it can also be caused by old age and genetics can also be a major factor of causing tooth decay. In this case the safest and convenient option to save a weakened tooth from getting removed is fixing a dental crown on top. For this procedure the dentist would first clean the affected tooth, file the surface area to fix a crown on top and it will be as good as new completely healthy to eat food again. 

Preserves the dead tooth from falling out. 

Teeth can get severely damaged by pulpitis where the inner tooth dies because of an infection in the tooth pulp. This problem can be treated with two ways, one is removing the infested pulp through the process of root canal and then fill the tooth back and seal it, and the other irreversible treatment is putting a crown on top of the empty tooth after the root canal and pulp extraction. The second process saves the weakened tooth from falling down or breaking it into pieces. 

Prevent any more filling sessions for the same tooth. 

There is always one tooth probably the front one which gets damaged again and again, several fillings over the years weaken it a lot and a dentist might go for a crown to save that tooth from further decay and saving the next session with the dentist to get fillings. As the crown will make a barrier for the infected tooth from rest of the mouth it will not get affected by the harmful bacteria and harsh acids, sugar and starch to get stuck on it.  

Best cosmetic treatment 

Getting dental crowns or veneers are known to be all in one treatment for all your dental issues whether you have chipped, crooked, or discoloured teeth, get dental crowns and you are all set to go with a perfect bright smile you have ever wanted. They also fix gaps in teeth by grinding the original tooth to fix a cap on top. 

Permanent solution 

If you are tired of multiple dentist sessions for years, then getting veneers are a permanent and most effective solution for you without a doubt. Fillings are not as durable as dental crowns as they fall out a lot easily after few years as compared to crowns which are permanent and strong. They are better than all other cosmetic procedures for your teeth like braces, scaling, wisdom teeth removal etc. these are not so painful as well. 

Whether you have a dentist appointment for wisdom tooth removal, cleaning process also known as scaling, polishing, or teeth whitening getting dental crowns are a solution for all the problems if you are looking for a one time solution and got tired from so many check-ups and dentists visits. So contact our experienced dentists and book an appointment for a perfect smile you have ever wanted. 

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