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Thinking of bar stools, usually people have an idea of using bar stools in kitchen breakfast shelf or worktop or as the name suggest they are originally supposed to be in bars along the drinking area but they can be very economically used in a lot other places where you might think. While they are extremely useful in homes, they have incredibly versatile use for both domestic and commercial use. While browsing online we can see a wide variety of bar stools of various colours, shapes and sizes with unique purposes. Mostly bar stools today have a 360 swivel which gives greater accessibility to things as compared to conventional stools, also mostly have wheels to move around easily without getting up thus enhance mobility. The gas lift mechanism on various bar tools today gives them desired height thus can be used for various purposes requiring reaching up to anywhere by anyone. Wide variety of bar stools also have a backrest also with various sizes according to the stool. Few of the many uses of bar stools and right places for them are 

Using bar stools in Bars & Restaurants: 

As name suggests the most common and primitive use of bar stools are in bars or pubs catering to single person who otherwise occupy the whole sitting area or table causing problem to other seaters. Modern and conventional bar stools online Australia no matter wherever you are. Now being used in different bars, pubs restaurants, and cafes enhancing the more stylish and unique ambience. The overall ambience holds 90% of the value in increasing customers interest thus attracting them to a specific environment and expanding the overall business, mostly youngsters prefer a comfortable and cool environment to hangout, and no doubt these trendy bar stools add up to that where they can sit and relax for a while no matter there are how many of them. 

In Reception Areas: 

Work spaces with reception areas often have a central desk and bar stools too. Whether it’s a hotel lobby, clinics, or hospitals. Taking example of a hotel lobby where the main counter is a quite busy place, there is often a crowd of people there, often one will find hotel staff sitting on high bar stools to reach up to guest’s eye level. It allows easy communication with the customers and hence the guests feel properly catered. Along with the sleek and modern look it adds to a well attentive staff, along with staff there are bar stools for customers and guests as well instead of typical old style chairs, they add up to enhance the beauty of the area as well as occupy less space as compared to chairs, with added backrest they becomes more comfortable for customers to sit for longer periods of time without any difficulty. 

On Exhibition stands and Salons: 

Bar stools are used commonly on exhibition stands to help them reach customers easily as people passing by would look at least once and most probably will sit down to inquire more. Same level bar stools will make the communication easy and ultimately help in making the sale. For an attractive appearance barstools have so much variety of colours as well. Similarly in Salons usually with hair stylists, nail art experts and beauticians the type of stool used will depend on Salon type, its services and its customers. Barstools used for different services in the salon are highly padded with backrest because of the demands of services they will be needing and time they would have to spend on that stool.  

This is a world of technology and the time is all what we have to utilise in a best possible way to keep up with our jobs, business and everything else we are doing to maintain a life parallel to this society, and bar stools are something we will find almost everywhere today, making our lives easier online stores are a great source of saving our time to shop for these amazing things to enhance the beauty of your homes, gardens, beauty salons, shopping malls, food courts or even perfect for creative arts industry – including graphic designers, Architects, Tailors, Painters, illustrators, and tailors. 

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