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A shower screen is a way of enclosing the shower area and is one of the first things that you take into consideration while renovating your bathroom. It gives the user a sense of privacy and also keeps the water in a limited space preventing it from spreading out into the entire room. Shower curtains are also a cheap alternative to shower screens and are also easier to use but are not usually preferred as they easily get mould. As compared to shower doors, screens also last longer and give the illusion of the bathroom being bigger than it actually is. They give clean and modern look to the bathroom and is a good addition especially if your bathroom is small and compact. Screens are usually made of glass and do not have to be replaced as often as curtains which makes them a more cost effective option in the long run. If your bathroom gets a draft, then these enclosures are an ideal way of keeping the steam from the hot water in while you are taking a shower. Glass is also easier to clean and is more resilient to build up of mildew. In the rare case that you choose to have a glass replacement then you can choose a glass that has a protective coating as is repellent to bacteria growth which also reduces the time taken in cleaning it. 

Screens come in a variety of styles and you can choose the one you like depending upon the type of look that you want and the space available in your bathroom. Pivot door screens are those where all the panels are fixed except the door which is hung on a pivot hinge and you can move it inwards or outwards. This type is only suitable in larger washrooms as you need space for the door to open. Corner screens are installed in the corner of a washroom and usually have two or more narrow panels that are fixed and a pivot door to allow the user to get and out of them. Sliding door screens have a sliding door that allows the person to go in and out and is a great option for smaller areas especially if you are looking to save space. You also have the option of choosing a fully framed shower screen which is a popular choice in family bathrooms where there is a lot of foot traffic. They have a full frame that is made from aluminium with glass panels and come in a variety of sizes. Semi frameless screens are framed around the outside but not along the panels and the door. It creates and more continuous look and is less expensive than the fully framed alternative. Fully frameless screens have no frame and the glass is put in place using clamps which creates a minimalistic look. It is also very easy to clean as there is no space for the soap scum to build up. However, you have to be careful not to put too much weight or pressure on it, otherwise it will break and you will need a glass replacement in Brisbane 

Renovating your bathroom has become increasingly popular and those people that already have frameless shower screens in Ipswich installed need only get a glass replacement to revamp the look of their bathroom.  There are many different glass available to help update your shower screen such as mirror glass, textured glass and sandblasted glass. When choosing glass for your screen make sure that it complies with Australian Safety Standards which states that screens need to have Grade A safety glass so that when glass breaks in the area, it does not cause a safety hazard by breaking into large chunks. It should have a minimum thickness of 5 mm for partly framed screen and 10 mm for frameless ones. You should also give thought to choosing a glass that is eco-friendly does not cause pollution. The glass should be easy to clean so that you don’t have to spend hours making it shine or invest a lot of money in buying cleaning products for it. Clear glass is always easier to clean than frosted one as soap becomes more evident on the latter. Think of the space available in your bathroom and choose accordingly. If you have a small bathroom then choose a screen with sliding doors and clear glass to make it look more spacious.                                                 



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