Floyd Instruments has been Australia’s most trusted pressure transmitter and industrial thermometers supplier since last eighty years of existence and service. Reotemp bimetallic thermometersCrystal test pressure gauges and pressure gauges are also our area of expertise when it comes to distributing, manufacturing and maintenance jobs. Other than the products we have to offer, we have the team that can help you make a sound decision in choosing almost every kind of industrial pressure and temperature device. 


The devices that convert the output of low-level electrical to high level electrical systems is called pressure transmitter. The signals could be transmitted through high distances and therefore is of use in different types of systems without fail. Pressure transmitters are often used in petroleum, fuel gas and refrigeration markets where the cost is an issue as pressure transmitters are more economical than any other similar technology in the domain of pressure transmittance. Pressure transmitter is used is a level is to be made in an open value. The placement of the value is usually at the bottom for better pressure release. The weight of the liquid causes high pressure head which can later be used to determine the height of the liquid. Using the same principle of physics, different pressure transmitters can be used for different pressured vessels in the system. If there is any change in the density of the liquid, the value transmitted by the pressure transmitter will vary from the benchmark. 


Temperature Calibrators are often used for both commercial, residential and industrial settings in a company. Since temperature is an important parameter that is governed in an industrial setting, temperature calibrators are of good use. The temperature recording is often done through resistive temperature detectors and bimetallic electrical thermometers. This is because of the level of accuracy they provide with little to no human intervention. The sensors in these devices use millivolts and resistance to determine the value and therefore become an area of precision. An efficient system for calibration of temperature in the equipment is necessary in order to have a close call for any changes that may occur during operations. 


It is important to have efficient plant or industrial maintenance in order for the machines and equipment to be in good working condition. It is essential for the equipment to work properly and serve the required time in order to maintain the production schedule and therefore have the supply chain intact for the product movement from the industry to the end customer. It is important for the industrial maintenance team to avoid road blockages that they face due to lack of production.  

It is near to impossible for the industry to maintain the flow of cash and keep a close track of the production targets without an effective maintenance plan in place which is able to foresee any possible problem that may occur in the future and therefore help keep track of the work that is being done. It is important for the corporate to designate a fixed quota for maintenance rather than depending on contractors to do this job as contractors often work on preventive maintenance and therefore there will be many unplanned maintenance cycles which can hinder the company to keep in line with the overall production targets of the company. It is crucial for the HR to hire a designated maintenance team in order to ensure smooth operation of plant activities and have a control over the ins and outs of the material in the vicinity. 

The team of maintenance department consists of the following members which help in each step of the maintenance procedure: 

  1. A maintenance technician that is involved in installation and maintenance with a clear focus on the later. They do routine maintenance jobs and have a sound knowledge about the daily wear and tear that the machine may face during operations. 
  2. Next comes the maintenance supervisors who as the name suggests, supervise the maintenance operations and therefore should have the correct skills and experience to oversee the operations being done by rest of the maintenance team. 

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