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Employment of Plastic!

System of Rainwater  It could be that you are in need of the adaptors with regard to the plastic supplies so that there could be joining in connection with the guttering of the metallic category with regard to the system of rainwater made of plastic, in such a scenario you could come across the professional from the companies who would

Knife Gate Valves Suppliers: Why you need to Pick the Best

If you work in a harsh environment where you have to deal with heavy liquids on a daily basis, then the chances are you may have heard about a knife gate valve. Over the years, especially for industrial use the knife gate valves have become quite popular. It is needless to say that a knife


Our environment has provided us with a habitat to live in, breathe, and supported life. All of these will be possible to maintain the right standards of upkeep. Hazmat Services are a cradle to the toxic materials in your commercial area. We are the leading waste management service. The disposal of hazardous material at the workplace is a little tough due to the integral dangers

Various Benefits of Using Irrigation Meters

We all know the importance of water. The most important a living being the need for survival is water. We never ignore the fact that we can survive without food for a specific period without drinking water. The chances of survival are less. We have to monitor the usage of water so that other people


CONTROLTECH SOLUTIONS  We at Controltech Solutions Pty Ltd are here to provide you the best facilities of underground and over the top infrastructures. The installation of the mechanism for underground electrical and the technology for communications is our area of expertise at Controltech Solutions Pty Ltd. By non destructive digging based in Melbourne, we provide for the protection of underground facilities without

A backup for when the power cuts out.

In times as certain as these we need to know that there is some sort of backup when the power goes out. With the social distancing movement and cities going into lockdown, we need to be safe in our own homes and know that we will have the basic necessities like electricity still available to